About the Blog


Mission Statement (it’s new, give it time):

To inform Commercial Real Estate professionals how to leverage online marketing tools to effectively market (get the word out about) their properties.

Behind the Name:

The marketing channels & options available to market your properties are seemingly endless. There are more cropping up every day it’s easy to get swept up in the hype when one becomes trendy. But the fact is that no single marketing channel is going to be a perfect fit for every property, business, or even industry. Every marketing initiative that you decide to invest your time and/or money in should be treated as an experiment… You should hypothesize, implement, track results, & then do it all again a little bit wiser than you were before. The information that I’ll be sharing on this blog is specifically about what has, hasn’t and what I hope will work for my own CRE marketing purposes. I encourage you to take what you learn here, as well as your own research, and find out what works in your own Real Estate Marketing Lab(s.)

About the Editor:

Christopher Stephenson is not:

  • The owner of a marketing company.
  • Writing this content with the hope that you’ll stumble in from a search engine, make your way to his services page & hire him for a job.
  • Writing reviews of marketing tools so that you’ll go out and spend money on them without researching them further.

Christopher is:

  • A marketing professional working in real estate, specializing in crafting and implementing property marketing campaigns on both national and hyper-local levels.
  • Writing about his experience with various online marketing tools for the purpose of marketing individual properties, assets and/or portfolios, both for sale and for lease.
  • Hoping that this blog will help real estate professionals make informed decisions about marketing their properties & help illuminate this dimly lit marketing niche.

 A note from Christopher:

When I began working in real estate marketing, I was astounded at the lack of up-to-date information available on the web regarding the industry. Previously, I had specialized in managing search engine optimization and social media campaigns for various companies at a marketing agency. My favorite aspect of working in SEO & social media was that they both have a massive online community of individuals blogging about best practices, as well as new cutting-edge tools and strategies. If you take to the internet to find information about applying marketing concepts to real estate, you’ll find that the same resources just aren’t there… yet. My goal with this blog is to not only inform real estate professionals about how to leverage online marketing tools that they can use to market their properties, but also to help light the fire that will lead to a robust online community surrounding the topic.